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Customer service

When you made a purchase from gohydraulic, please kindly show sensitivity to subjects below to prevent problems during and after the delivery of the products you purchased.

  • You can give your orders 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in any period of time. You can pay with credit card or bank accounts in the transfer / EFT and shipment of the product is made next business day.
  • Shipping time is not included in these periods. Therefore, you receive your order between 3-7 days depending on your region.
  • To deliver your order on time and correctly, please fill out the order form with complete and accurate information. We try to deliver your orders to you as much as possible with the recipient's delivery address. If the delivery address is not available, we contact with the customer who gave the order.
  • When you received your goods shipping officer asks for identification. This is essential for your safety.
  • When you received your goods, please check the number and type of the products under the supervision of shipping officer. In case of there is some difference, please prepare a report immediately. This report should be signed by shipping officer and you.
  • Total value only includes product price and shipping cost. There may be custom taxes, it is not included in total value.


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